Vehicle Keys

About Vehicle Keys

Since 1995 all-new vehicles – cars, vans and motorbikes – have had an encoded transponder chip embedded within the key as an added security measure. T­­hese chips communicate with the immobiliser and allow the engine to start.

West End Keys Can Supply Two Basic Types of Vehicle Key:

Remote Keys
Remote keys contain the transponder to start the engine, and the buttons to open the doors.
Transponder Only
Transponder keys are an ideal option for a second or spare key. They contain a transponder programmed to the car to start the engine, but without the buttons to open the doors making them cheaper to produce.

Key Fob Repairs

If your key fob has broken buttons or a cracked case, we can refurbish it so it’s as good as new.

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Sometimes it’s just a new battery you need, and we can fit this for you too.

How Does a Transponder Work?

‘Transponder’ is short for transmitter and responder. Invented around 1944, a transponder is a tiny electronic chip with what is called ‘nonvolatile memory’ – meaning it doesn’t need a constant energy source to retain its data.

When a key containing a transponder is turned in the ignition the induction coil around the ignition lock sends out an electromagnetic field of energy. The transponder chip absorbs this energy and powers it to transmit a signal. This signal is the identification code of the chip. The induction coil reads the signal and sends it to the vehicle’s computer device. If the computer recognises the signal as already being stored in its memory, it accepts it and allows the vehicle to start.